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Manufacture & Installation of Steelwork along with Installation of Process Machinery

Our work involves a wide variety of projects, and frequent challenges, which we are happy to say we usually rise to! We are preferred installers for Buhler, and were contracted to install process plant machinery for CPUK in Staverton, Northamptonshire. The challenge here was that during the survey carried out with the client, it was found that the existing silo would be compromised by installing independent foundations.

It was back to the drawing board for all concerned, and eventually we produced an alternative plan which would satisfy all requirements. We proposed designing, fabricating and installing a steel construction that would contain the new equipment. This was to be sited at the front elevation and sit on independent piles. This was agreed on by the client and we commenced the work, which on completion proved extremely satisfactory.

This work was carried out to exceptionally high standards and strict conditions, also adhering to the tight deadline. The product was on the client’s site in just 5 days, and installation was completed by a team of skilled installers and engineers.

Structural Steel & Fabrication for City Living Space in Manchester

Another project called for Salford Engineering Solutions to transform retail and office space in central Manchester into accommodation. The King Street property posed issues of access and safety to consider, as the surroundings were busy with pedestrian traffic. Supporting steelwork allowed existing walls to be removed and replaced. The renovation subsequently developed further, as the client requested that we supply and install three spiral staircases for the duplex apartments.

The staircases consisted of steel fabrications with beech wood tread, which perfectly complimented the décor of the apartments. Hit and Miss staircases and balustrades were also supplied by us, giving a superb finish. The project resulted in one very happy client!

Pipe Work, Ducting, Gates Railings, Handrails Balustrades & Balconies for Domestic or Commercial

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