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Flour MillsThe term ‘food processing’ covers a vast range of ways in which food is transformed from its raw state. It can include heating, cooling, freezing, salting, canning, smoking, pickling, drying and fermenting. There are also several more technical types of processing these days. Methods such as microwaving, irradiation, ohmic heating and electrical pulsing to name a few, have emerged. Some facts about food processing include:

  • Humans have processed and preserved foods for centuries.
  • Food processing extends the shelf-life of perishable foods.
  • It increases choice and reduces the dependency on seasonality.
  • Loss of stored fresh foods are usually greater than foods that are processed.
  • Food processing often improves the nutritional value of certain foods.
  • Nutrients are added to foods and drinks globally as a cost effective public health measure.
  • Vegetables and fruits that are fresh, canned or frozen, all provide nutrients needed for a healthy diet.

Food Processing Benefits, Merseyside

Food ProcessingEven cooking is a form of food processing, something that we all do daily, as it changes food from one form or state to another. This is so it is palatable and safe to eat. A basic description of food processing is “a variety of operations by which raw foodstuffs are made suitable for consumption, cooking, or storage”. On a more advanced level, large scale processing is carried out in food processing plants. A scientific and technological approach is applied here to postpone or stop the natural decaying process of food stuffs.

The modern urban population has come to rely upon food processing, and would find life very difficult without it. The process can improve the nutritional value of many foods, and can even assist in preserving nutrients. When vegetables undergo shock freezing immediately after harvesting, the loss of sensitive nutrients is slowed considerably. Ingredients such as salt, herbs, spices, sugar and vinegar have been added to food for centuries.

Nutritious, Safe & Convenient Processed Food, Lancashire

Modern day consumers demand food that is nutritious, convenient, safe and varied, food processing delivers this. Additives play an important role in the safety of food, as for instance, antioxidants stop oils and fats from becoming rancid. By the same token emulsifiers stop the likes of peanut butter from separating into liquids and solids. Additives also reduce the likelihood of bread becoming quickly mouldy.

The original ways of processing and preserving food was by sun drying, salt for meat and fish and sugar for fruit. These are all methods that rely on water reduction to increase the shelf life of products. Canning came about during Napoleon Bonaparte’s time, as in 1800 he offered 12,000 francs to anyone who could come up with a practical food preservation method. There was a problem with troops and food shortages, so a solution for armies on the march had to be found. Nicolas Appert received the money after submitting his method of sealing foods in glass jars. Later vessels were made from glass, pottery, tin and other metals.

Fortified Flour, Bread & Cereals, Cheshire, Merseyside & Lancashire

Nowadays there are a variety of techniques which have resulted in a vast choice for consumers. Fridges and freezers also help to extend the life of products such as meat, fish, milk etc. New ways to store and modern packaging means consumers don’t need to shop as often, which is extremely convenient for busy people. As travel abroad has grown, people have been exposed to a wider variety of food tastes and styles. Manufacturers have responded by making these dishes available at home without too much intensive cooking.

In the UK we rely mostly on five staple crops which are wheat, rice, maize, oats and potatoes. With modern food processing these crops can be transformed into a vast array of end products. Foods such as flour, bread and cereals are fortified during processing, promoting health and lowering the incidence of certain diseases. Process plant installation is best carried out by specialists such as Salford Engineering Solutions. We have a long history of this type of installation and an impressive track record for excellence.


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