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The Empty Homes Agency, estimate that there are 870,000 empty homes throughout the UK, and also a substantial amount of empty commercial property. Enough unused commercial property in the form of warehouses, factories and retail facilities is available to create 420,000 new homes. Restoring or converting these buildings not only provides much needed homes, but it can raise the profile of the area, as well as providing work for construction contractors. Additionally, avoiding complete demolition and making the best use of existing structures is typically extremely eco friendly.

Before you get carried away though, make sure you consider all angles, and check out certain points or possible setbacks.

  • Ensure that you are free to change the property in the way you wish, and that there are no legal restrictions in place. For instance adding modifications to a listed building of any kind is likely to be prohibited, and you risk prosecution if this is ignored.
  • Work out a strict budget for your project and if possible allow more than you think you will need, always a sensible move. If you are under budget, you can use the excess to treat yourself after all your hard work!
  • Choose your team of designers, architects, builders etc carefully, checking their qualifications, reputation and competence.
  • Building materials are important too, think functional, affordable, workable and environmentally friendly. Also consider the ultimate look of the building, avoiding ‘sore thumb syndrome’.
  • Find out if there is any type of grant you could apply for, as there is a shortage of housing especially the affordable variety, you never know!

At Salford Engineering Solutions Ltd, we have provided and installed structural steel frameworks for a range of projects which have transformed derelict buildings into beautiful dwellings. We have done the same for homes that have had gyms, swimming pools and saunas built, and hospitals needing MRI scanner supports. Our team have also manufactured and installed tanks, vessels, pipe ridges and structural support for a power station and reclamation plant. Call us to discuss your project on 0161 925 0170.

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