What is green steel? 

Green Steel Innovation Sustainable Solution for the Steel Industry, Design, Manufacture & Installation The steel industry has been a huge positive in people’s lives and in many aspects of society. Used extensively in just about every area of society, steel has made all kinds of things possible. Steel forms the basis of many products within […]

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Is Commitment to Health & Safety Important for Businesses?

Design, Manufacture & Installation, Steel Fabrication Engineering Specialists, Plant & Sheet Metal Fabrication, Manchester   When it comes to contractors within the steel and many other industries, health and safety is a firm priority. The work steel installation professionals do is crucial for society as a whole, as with the installation of food processing plants. […]

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Get your Project Underway

Structural Steel Engineering Specialists, Design, Manufacture & Installation, Plant & Sheet Metal Fabrication, Manchester   The Empty Homes Agency, estimate that there are 870,000 empty homes throughout the UK, and also a substantial amount of empty commercial property. Enough unused commercial property in the form of warehouses, factories and retail facilities is available to create […]

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