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Steel is one of the most versatile materials available, and one of the most widely used across the globe. Modern steel fabrication encompasses a range of processes, depending on the intended application, enabling it to be moulded and precision cut. Due to its strength and longevity, you will find some form of steel in just about any building or construction project. You will also find it throughout your home, in kitchen units, utensils, and electrical appliances. Our vehicles of course are mostly composed of steel from high end cars to heavy plant machinery.

New and innovative technologies have appeared over the years within steel fabrication, ensuring perfectly tailored results whatever the task. Some of the techniques used in steel fabrication include:-

Cutting – using a variety of tools such as flame cutters, laser or plasma cutters and circular saws

Shot Blasting – where steel sections are blasted with shot and provide a rough surface allowing paints and other finishes to adhere easily

Welding – sections of steel are attached to each other using extremely high heat which melts the metal being worked, and forms a stable joint when cooled

Bending – steel can be bent and rolled giving beautiful, streamlined results and providing aesthetically pleasing design features or decorative items

Coating – coatings are often applied to steel fabricated items for protection against corrosion etc, they can also give a stunning enhanced finish

Fabricated steel plays a huge role in industrial settings where uncompromising precision is essential. Bulk milk or flour containers in processing plants for instance need to be kept hygienic, while functioning consistently, and steel is the ideal material of choice here.

Next time you think on, take a look around and note how much steel there is around you in buildings alone you will see it incorporated into balustrades, stairs, security doors, gates, radiators, pipes, cars, knives, forks, pens and countless other practical items.


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